Michigan Web Solution is a collaborative group of mid Michigan Web Developers, Web Marketers, Strategic Planners, and much more. We have a team of around 10 members that join up as needed to complete any project that presents itself. We have a great amount of wisdom that has came with our combined 10+ years of professional web services.

We strive to create not just a website for you but a solution that will solve a problem. Big or small we will provide you our complete attention.

Where Did Michigan Web Solution Come From?

Michigan Web Solution was started by Shane Strong of shanestrong.com. He wanted a website to separate his personal and business.

Why Are You At Michigan Web Solution?

More than likely you are looking to fill a Web or Mobile need. Before you leave Michigan Web Solution we ask that you do 1 of 3 things.

1) Call Us – (804) 557-4263 – We would like to here what you are looking for and discuss with you what we could do for you. Even if you are not looking to start your project for some time we would still like to chat with you.

2) Email Us – info@michiganwebsolution.com – If you don’t want to give us a call please feel free to Email us. We are always online and checking our mail.

3) Continue – If you are not ready to contact us please feel free to read more about us. Check out Shane Strong, Ash Harris, and Matt Hall.